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June 10, 2005


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Let's be honest here. I was the one pushing for a sedan. MD refused to entertain any other option that was not a coupe. He had it in his head that it would be okay to use a car seat in a coupe. HELLO!!!! We test drove the CLK and he pulls up his seat all the way forward while I sit in the back with the Peanut. He says, "See? PLENTY of room!" When we switched so that I could drive, it was so uncomfortable for me because my knees were in my stomach. Plenty of room, my ass. Nice try, MD. Nice try. But my mamma didn't raise a fool.

Everytime I mentioned that we should get a sedan (I never mentioned station wagon btw), MD would reply, "Just cut my balls off now why don'tcha?"

Well, MD, prepared to be snipped.

Queen of Ass

Oooooohhh, MD! I think BossLady just threatened your manhood! And? I'd be a little worried about that one, because she's one who can follow through....you HAVE to fall asleep sometime!


Ha, Q of A! If I've learned one thing over the years, it's how to sleep with one eye open. After all, did John Bobbitt teach us nothing?


Oh you kids and your crazy cars! Too bad you don't live in the suburbs like I do, MD. We've got a minivan for the missus and an awesomely fun Mini cooper convertible for me to drive. When I'm in the minvan, I feel like Mrs. Brady but when I'm in the Mini, I feel like I'm starring in "The Italian Job." Have fun in the wagon! Ha ha!


Cowabunga! I can't believe how much parking costs in Manhattan. That's more than I pay in rent!


A station wagon? The things that men do for their daughters, right? It's the right thing to do, MD. Besides, it doesn't matter what kind of car a man drives. Nothing is cooler than a dad who cares about his kids.


Honestly, you think a luxury Euro sedan doesn't guzzle gas?
Try going Japanese and fuel efficient.
I highly recommend Lexus SUV 400H--it's FAST, better engine than a Mercedes, it's roomy, it's good for the environment, you get a tax credit and both of you would look stylin and COOL.


I swore I'd never own a minivan. Borrowed the in-law's Town and Country a few weeks ago to drive from NYC to DC. Since we have a two year old and an infant - we left at 9pm. At 11pm the van hits a guardrail head on at 65 mph just north of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. From the windshield forward, the car looks like hamburger. Except for one scratch, from the windshield back, no damage. Luckily, everyone was completely unhurt - not even a bruise- even the one month old. Today - I accepted a new job in DC (the one I was traveling to interview for). Monday, I buy a Town and Country minivan. Before the accident, I wanted a hybrid SUV - but great gas milage doesn't make up for the fact that every cop and emt who looked at the wreck couldn't believe that no one was hurt. It definately convinced me to take another look at my priorities.


what a situation to live in yes I cant imagine not having a car but living in a small country town in Australia with a population of 4000 you need a car and 300 a month for parking my house repayments only cost that much.

love your blog and Peanut thats what we call our unborn baby

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I'm an SUV person myself but...since I have an economy car budget I did learn that it's possible to travel with two children, including carseats, in a Toyota Corolla.

I'm totally loving my Blazer now though...and Thank Gawd I don't have to pay for parking!

Oh, and where are you getting a car note that's only $250?


hahaha.... I'm with you MD. But it IS a pain in the butt to have a baby seat in the back of a coupe.

One word of advice: do NOT lease your car from a Manhattan dealership (11th Avenue). I worked at one and they are ALL crooked. Now, maybe it doesn't matter because your company is picking up the tab...but if you have a cap on what you can spend, get a recommendation for a dealership outside the city (Westchester, New Jersey) and you'll be less likely to get a royal screwing.

As for me, I drive a MINI. But I still have a stupid SUV for the times I have to take my dog in the car. How insane is that?


OH...and when I lived in Park Slope there was a CO-OP parking garage, where you could buy a space (at that time for about $20,000). Talk about crazy!


One of my favorite moments in entering NYC is when we get to dump the car in the garage, not to be seen again until the end of our visit. I love the subway, and taxis, and just walking everywhere with the kids. Paying for the parking? Not one of my favorite moments, of course.

But hell, paying for parking in the city I used to work in (before I became a telecommuter) would run $250-300 a month, and the public transit there isn't nearly as good as NYC's.


Why do wives ALWAYS have to be right? (I can say that because I don't think my wife reads the comments section)


We're members of a car sharing group in Vancouver - another population dense city - and the nice thing is that we can try out different sorts of cars in their network. Obviously, it's a different system since we have no say in where cars are parked or what cars are bought: but there are Minis and VWs and trucks and vans and hybrids... Is it possible that you can get a sedan and then check out someone else's Mini once in a while? We love the fact that there's way more variety than at a rental.
If you can, maybe this is a great way to test drive for longer trips before you make a decision. (We found out we didn't really love the coveted Mini for anything more than short excursions... our preference is a totally different car than what we'd imagined.)

JJ Daddy in Savannah

Here's what you need to save your marriage:
Sure, it's a station wagon, but it's the supercharged MB E55 V-8 version with 469 HP!
Safe, but sporty!
Now the only problem is getting your company to pay for the lease, since it's 85K. Cha-ching!
But to be more realistic, the Acura TSX is nice. Sporty, roomy, good on the highway... sure, it's not a station wagon, but that will be an incentive to leave some crap at home.

Not-For-Profit Dad

In my experience with twins and cars I can summon only two words of advice for you and they would be: "leg room."

...Oh and "gas mileage."

...And probably "safety rating."

But mostly "leg room."

JJ Daddy in Savannah

In MY experience with twins (plus one more) and cars, my advice would be "minivan"

oh, and "dual power doors", most definitely.

and spring for the super duper stereo, too.


Your guy friends are totally on the money though. My husband still (foolishly) entertains the thought of a Honda S2000 but that dream ended about 8 months ago. We now have to get rid of my little two door sports car and get something *eep* practical.

But seriously, don't go towards the light - don't do the minivan! If you want something fast but still practical and wagon-like, how about the Subaru WRX wagon? That thing can motor...
Can you tell I am surrounded my car fanatics in my family? It's the asian "I like to drive souped up cars my parents bought me" syndrome. Ha.

Good luck in the car hunt!

JJ Daddy in Savannah

I am still waiting for a souped-up minivan to hit the market. Right now, I'll have to be satisfied with my Toyota Sienna that hauls all my kids and their essential gear, can drive us 700 miles a day at 75mph with no strain and is stability controlled and airbagged to the max.

But I can still dream of Honda or Toyota copying Renault and dropping some serious horsepower and handling into a minvan body.
Back in '93 Renault built an Espace (the original wedge-shaped minivan that Chrysler, er emulated, a la Windows emulating Mac) that had a Formula 1 engine and suspension for journalist demo rides, among other things.
0-60 in 2.8 seconds! 194 mph top speed!
I'm not greedy, I'd settle for 0-60 in 6 seconds, and I wouldn't quibble with a limiter set at, say, 150 mph.
That would make those trips to Grandma's house fly by.....


Boy, and I thought things were bad here in SF. Renting out a garage space here can run anywhere from $200 to $250 a month!

Parking in a garage in the downtown area can run you $15 to $20 a day.

We used to have 2 cars, but we had to sell my DH's sport car because we realized that we could not get a baby's carseat in the back! He was quite sad about that. Even today, I don't think he's been able to get over it. :)

Since finding parking here is a pain, I try to take public transportation whenever I can.


Well, before we had the Turtle, Mama and I argued back and forth about our one vehicle choice. It came down to a Subaru Forester XT. It may look like one, but it's definitely not an SUV--think tall, small wagon. It's got Subie's award winning AWD for the sloppy winter stuff. It's pretty small and easy to park in metro areas (we're in DC). It's got the highest crash test rates you can receive. And most importantly, it's got an amazing turbocharged boxer-4 engine that gives you around 225 HP. Good for her, good for him. Don't compromise!


I say go for a Dodge Magnum w/ a hemi!!! That's a badass car. If I had to give up my Expedition for a car, that would be the one!!!



Haha, for as long as I can remember, we've had a van, either mini or..uh..non-mini. In fact, we still have one but I drive a Corolla, my younger sister has an Accord and my mom has a Pilot. My poor dad has to drive the Quest, although, he doesn't really drive the speed limit. My family is made up of speeders.


Check out the Volvo XC-90. You can have a family car without trading your balls in.



We absolutely LOVE our WRX wagon. In fact, the hubby drives it every day while I haul the carseat in my Honda Accord Coupe. Pain in the ass, but the WRX is obviously better to drive.


Hubby and I love our Saab 9 2-X Aero. Turbo, so hubby's happy, plenty of room for kids and dog, so I'm happy. It's a great car, and has some perks that the WRX doesn't have. Right now you can get 'em cheap!


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We used to have 2 cars, but we had to sell my DH's sport car because we realized that we could not get a baby's carseat in the back! He was quite sad about that. Even today, I don't think he's been able to get over it. :)

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