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June 13, 2005


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Every weekend we just explode into activity. There is a baby to feed, change, play with, and to battle naps with. There's a house that hasn't been touched all week to clean up, cats to take care of, and mountains of laundry to do. Friends to see, places to go, and all days begin between 6 and 7am. Luckily our master bedroom is in the basement, so if one of us gets up with the boy the other gets to sleep.

But yes, on the exhaustion, and yes on the relief when it's just crabby work people I have to deal with. They take much less intensity than my sweet baby boy.

And yet I dream about being able to be a home with him.

Go figure.


You're not alone, MD. As much as I love my kids, I often can't wait to get back to work also. Comes with the territory. Weekends are tough!


I think your schedule is pretty typical of many families' schedules. It can be very physically and mentally exhausting, and even more so when you're feeling sleep-deprived (which was our case because our DD never seemed to go to sleep). Then, when we had Baby #2, things became even more intense and frenetic, and the train of activity hasn't stopped since then! When I go in to work, even though it can be pretty crazy there too, it does provide a respite to help me to mentally regroup.


I also try to squeeze in every little activity with my kid into a short weekend. Often times by Monday morning I am a walking zombie at the office. My major complaint as of late would be that there is never enough time. How does one have quality kid time, time for themselves, or time to maintain a clean home in just two days? It’s not possible! I’m worn out at only 27! I wouldn’t go back to my childless days for all the time in the world. Sure I had fun, slept in till noon before going out to the pool and then out with friends till all hours of the night. But this parent stuff is so much more fun! Never once did I wake up smiling like I do now, even if I am awake now at 7am. Life is grand! If only I had more time…

Queen of Ass

I think it's universal. HOWEVER, at this point (Munchkin's 6) I can tell you life gets back to the way you like it. Sure, you've got someone else to consider and may only be able to sleep until 9 instead of noon, but it's better.


Enough about the kids. How was the barbecue? Was looking at that site and it looked awesome.


Are you kidding? Don't beat yourself up now...you're going to be saying TGIM for years. ;)

Seriously, I was relieved to go back to work after my son was born (although I did have mixed feelings, because he was SO young) and I think it saved me. I think (flame-suit firmly in place) that working parents have a healthier relationship with thier kids because being with ANYONE 100% of the time is exhausting. I felt like I appreciated them more when I got home, and the reverse was true too. (btw...I was home with my daughter until she was almost 2, so I've done it both ways).

Enjoy your time with her, and enjoy your time away from her. It's all good. ;)


Well, all I have to say is, at work, even the crazy people are highly functioning enough to employ a kind of logic. I haven't found that to be the case with my children.

Seriously, though, this weekend, I told my dh I couldn't wait for the weekend to be over, because I was so tired of hearing my name (aka "MOMMMY") screamed over and over again, when it wasn't being whined over and over again. You are not alone.


Nope. You are NOT the only one. Being a working parent means you really treasure the time you have with your child, but it also means that you aren't used to having that kind of "psychic demand" on your time. Does that make sense? I tutored a young girl for a while and I'd be more tired after spending two hours with her than eight hours at the office.

And nobody at work has ever asked me to draw Dorothy and Glinda the Good Witch, then cried because I used the wrong color on Glinda's dress.


You are normal, normal, normal. We love 'em beyond anything, but need breaks from 'em. And "office work" is, as far as I can tell, a cake walk compared to the unpredictable, energy-demanding needs of a baby/toddler/child.


You are NOT alone! There are many Monday mornings when I'm glad to get to the office. Childcare is exhausting! I love parenting and wouldn't trade it for the world, but it is exhausting.


Because I am a sixteen-month veteran of the whole fatherhood thing, I feel completely qualified to make a blanket statement regarding this topic (ah, sarcasm!).

IMHO, the key to being a good parent is maintaining a balance between your role as a Dad, a Husband, a Professional, and Your Own Person. These are the tires on the car; if any one falls off, the car doesn't work.


thanks for posting on my guestmap I am happy to link you on my site if you will do the same.

I cant wait till my peanut is born so I can take him/her for walks



I'd say that's fairly normal. btw, how is Ishiguro's new novel?


Our daughter just turned 6 and she is finally able to get those toons on herself to allow some sleep in time for her parents. God Bless her. So, five more years of 6am and you're good to go!

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