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June 08, 2005


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That sounds just miserable. I envision Charleton Heston running through your sweltering building, shrieking "Soylent Green is PEOPLE! It's PEEEEEEEOPLE!"


You mean you missed Pedro's gem last night?


Jason...Nice call on Soylent Green! Not as good a closing line as Heston's classic "DAMN YOU!" (but pretty close.)

Jeff...so glad to see a fellow Met fan here. Turned the game on last night just as Burke hit that home run. Nice timing, eh? Good to see people out at Shea sweating their balls off with the only breeze coming from the planes out at LaGuardia.

D.C. Daddy

MD...didn't you used to live in DC? How soon they forget! The real feel down here today is 96 degrees. It's like a swamp. And unfortunately, my pregnant wife hates A/C so she forces me to keep it turned off. I'm sharing your pain.


DC Daddy--your pregnant wife hates A/C? WTF? Every day of my (two) summer pregnancies, I thanked the A/C gods for existing.

Metrodad--really, the dog is in the shower with you? Ouch! (Or does he not have claws?)


Yikes! I hope those contractors hurry up and fix things!

And, yeah, in DC it was HOT. I swear I got a sunburn just walking to the mailbox.


I spent one summer in DC in an old apartment building with no A/C. It is no accident that I've spent the subsequent nine summers in DC with A/C. This town just likes to remind us that it used to be a swamp, and a swamp it will become again some day to be sure.


Greetings from the south. It's hotter then the Spice Channel down here these days. I feel your pain.


Oh my Lord. I absolutely hate being hot. I was freaking out when the A/C wasn't turned on properly this morning and I came back from Borders to a tepid and humid home. When I was an undergrad, I lived in dorms that had no A/C. That was pretty brutal and in my final year, I had a car but was too poor to constantly turn on the A/C in the apt. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time studying at Barnes.

JJ Daddy in Savannah

You guys are amateurs... here in the great state of Georgia, I have no idea how this place was inhabited by humans prior to the invention of A/C.
My favorite phenomenon is one I never witnessed when I lived in NYC or DC.
Take a wonderful, sunny, 95 degree, 100% humidity day...the asphalt is baking and softening, all the birds are napping in the trees, the dogs have found a nice shady porch under which to dig themselves a nice cool hole to lay in...suddenly it clouds up and pours down rain for about 10 minutes.
Then, it stops and gets nice and sunny again.
The streets and sidewalks literally steam and the humidity jumps to about a thousand and ten percent.
It is like a giant outdoor steambath.
You inhale deeply, your pores open, it feels good for about 10 seconds.
Then you begin to feel faint and look frantically around for the nearest dark bar to which you can adjourn and dunk your head in a frosty pitcher of beer.
L'chaim! (as we say down here)

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