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June 19, 2005


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Happy First Father's Day, honey! You don't need me to tell you what an awesome father you are because the Peanut is just proof enough. You're an inspiration for me to be the best mom I can be. We love you!

Happy Father's Day everyone!


Happy Father's Day MetroDad! I'm a week into fatherhood and loving every minute of it! As I type, i have a baby boy on my belly. A pretty nice gift in itself.


Happy Father's Day to all!

I never thought that it would mean as much to me as it does but when I woke up this morning and saw my wife walking in with our daughter who had a card in her hand I knew that Father's Day was more than I ever imagined. It was very weird to hear my mom phone and wish me a Happy Father's Day. Me? I'm a father? I'm a father! Amazing!!!

Queen of Ass

Happy Father's Day, MD! Have a GREAT time being pampered!


Happy First Father's Day Metro Dad! Hope it's a beautiful day for you!!!


Happy Father's Day to one awesome dad. Many more happy ones to look forward to, I'm sure.


I don't know whether you're turning into the dad you'd always hoped to be. But as a man with lots of parenting experience, I think you're one hell of a great dad. You're so much more self-aware of a father than I was when I had my first child. A lot of guys don't "get it" at first. Or it takes them awhile. I'm pretty impressed that you seem to be doing the right things, thinking the right things and asking the right questions. I think you're destined for a spot in the Hall of Fame. You've got my write-in vote. Happy Father's Day!


Happy Father's Day dude...hope all is well. Thanks for the posts lately. Been meaning to send an email your way....Hope all is well with the fam...the bean.

Take care.



Happy Father's Day to you too. My first as well. Bagels, lox and a lot of baby-proofing around the house now that Boy Twin crawls like a demon. I agree with everything you've written. My dad had a lot of good intentions, and no shortage of love and pride, but he wasn't around a whole lot. I think he did the best with what he had. I'm sure my kids will say the same of me some day.


How'd you know I got a homemade pencil holder?


Glad you had good Fathers Day. It rocks to get those cheesy little day care gifts.


A very happy Father's Day to you. I'm not a dad but I'm married to the world's greatest one (in my eyes) and he'd probably tell you, that it just gets better every year.

ozone ferd

Hey, Happy Late Father's Day!

You bitch, you moan, you worry, you teach, you love and you can't remember life without the little maggots that make you a Father. Oh wait, yes I can remember. *sigh* They better put me in a nice nursing home when the time comes.

Pope Benedict XVI

Happy Father's Day.



Thought I would pop in and say hi. Got your address from amateur dad.

It's nice to see other dad's getting into the whole 'father' thing.

Drop in and say g'day. Will be visiting your blog more often.




Thought I would pop in and say hi. Got your address from amateur dad.

It's nice to see other dad's getting into the whole 'father' thing.

Drop in and say g'day. Will be visiting your blog more often.



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If it weren't for Dave Miller, I wouldn't have a dad My bicoigloal father split when I was just a baby. I've never known him. My mother remarried and this man has been my dad ever since.He has emotionally supported me, morally supported me, and financially supported me. He instilled hard work and ethics in me at a very young age. He also taught me the importance of school. Once I turned 18, I was forced by law to use my bicoigloal father's last name but he will never be my dad. As I graduate with my first college degree next Friday, I have hyphened my last name on my diploma to show my dad that it was HIM that taught me that hard work and determination will pay off.I remind him every father's day that it takes a true man to raise another man's child as his own. And THAT is my favorite memory of my dad.


My favorite momirees have been the time spent in the KITCHEN with my dad. He taught me all of his tricks of the trade from baking the fluffiest rolls to cooking a juicy pot roast.I never realized until I was older (and married) how incredibly rare it is to find a man who can not just cook, but cook delicious food. Because of him My pride and joy is cooking and something I am known for.How many women can say, I'm the cook I am today because of my DAD!! ?Thanks dad!

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