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April 25, 2005


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The Zero Boss

DUDE! We were almost panicking out here. We were about to look up your number and call you.

Glad you're back and feeling better. But don't scare us like that again, eh?


OH, wow! I'm so glad you're feeling better! Hope everything gets back to normal for you soon, we've missed you!


Yay! Welcome back, MD! We missed you. And yeah, ulcers suck. Been there, done that, can't take ibuprofen ever again.


Welcome back to the land of the living! Hey at least the Peanut has learned tricks to amuse her sick and ailing father. :)



Damn dude....I was starting to worry. Glad you are feeling better. Later dude!


So glad you are feeling better.


Welcome back!
Sorry about the ulcer, but glad that you're no longer with flu.


Wow, I'm glad that you're feeling (a little?) better.

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Glad your okay. Ulcers are a real pain in the ***. My hubby suffers from that along with acid reflux, that makes for a lof of fun around here. The real kicker is he is only 33 and refuses to eat well. I am not his Mom and there is only so much I can make him do. Sigh.


Sigh. Glad you're back...


Yikes! Who knew those warning labels were accurate! Hope you feel better soon, and we're all glad you didn't fall off the end of the earth.


Welcome back to blog land. Glad you are feeling better!

Welcome back. Now, about these AWFUL colors on this blog.. BLECH!


Man, we were really concerned. how does it feel to know that a couple of perfect strangers on the other side of the country would talk with their friends about "MetroDad dissapering from the face of the earth"?????
Hope you're feeling better... and hope that you still be infatuated by your little girl when she's 45...


whew! Glad to know you're alive and other than that pesky ulcer, are returning to the world of the living. The flu has been horrible this year! sorry you got it, but glad you're better now! hugs to Peanut!


No, no! The blog, colors are good! They totally work.

Joseph Ratzinger

Bless you. And welcome back.

Queen of Ass

My God, we've got the same damn ailment. But relax about the wheels falling off thing. I had my first ulcer at 12, and I don't think it was because old age was setting in.


So glad to have you back!


Wow!!! And here I had chalked it up to "busy with infant". Who knew?? Welcome back!


I am glad you are doing better and back among the living. I am sure your family missed you. Look forward to hearing from you more.


Sorry to hear you were so sick! I was beginning to wonder...
Crazy that the peanut is already 7 months. Goes so quickly, doesn't it? Diva is 7 months old too. I need to move to NY so they can hang out.

Hope you feel better soon.


Welcome back! We were about to send out the sheep dogs with a barrel of scotch, but it sounds like that would've been the exactly wrong choice.

More Daipers

Gald to hear you're feeling better... BTW, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the Today show isn't in HD. Sorry, Couric will lookk about the same. Trading Spaces is in HD, tho.


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