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March 23, 2005


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cam c.

I haven't read this yet, but the title was on a recommended list at the local Children's Hospital:

I think the title says it all, really, but I'm going to have to check this one out of the library... personally, I've looked at some of the B.E. stuff, and it looks ok, but I remember teaching my sister to read at 4 or 5 (I'm two years older) by just goofing around with a blackboard and some chalk, plus a few good kid's books. I'm sure I can do better at age 32 with my own daughter and the resources I can come up with on my own now...


My kids are not fans of the BE dvds...pop in anything elmo and it's a different story. My daughter,2,loves to play on a whiteboard (hubby uses it for homework). I think reading to her and letting her use the computer (think sesameworkshop.org)has improved her comprehension skills. Oh yeah, for future reference, the mr.clean magic eraser works wonders for getting dry erase marker off the walls :)


My daughter loved Baby Einstein videos. I'll put them just before my son goes down for a nap -- seemed to calm him down. I just find them soothing & silly.

Cobalt's Daddy

We popped in a BE CD because we had gotten a few and thought we'd have a listen. Well, let me tell you, I'd rather have my child listen to Ozzy Ozborne than a Baby Eisntein CD. The music was unlistenable. We thought that it would still be classical music, just maybe not as complicated or as loud, but instead, it was like stepping into an elevator at disneyland (I imagine). Well, we ripped the CD out and sent it along with everything else BE to the thrift store.

I'm not an expert on child-rearing, but I'm not sure how this is better than having the kids listen to the real thing.

As far as the baby crack dvd's are concerned, we'll have to wait and see. About the only TV the boy gets right now is The Tournament (which he loves) and movies.



I don't really like the cd's either...but the videos, I think are great. There have been times when KJ was crying and crying and I tried everything and nothing worked, UNTIL I put in the Baby Beethoven video and then silence and after it was over, happiness. I was letting her watch one every day before I put her to bed, because it helped her calm down and whatever, but I guess you are "supposed" to be reading to create smart kids. Whatever, I read to her plenty and the video works far far better for calming purposes. Why use BE instead of normal TV or videos? The only reason I can think of is because it works better, for babies anyway. All the babies I know aren't interested in any other forms of television. My daughter will watch normal TV for 20 seconds at most and then get bored. BE she'll watch the whole dang video and get mad if you stand in her way.


The BE DVDs are fantastic (we got a set of 12 before he was born), whenever Jackson gets into a loop of crying that he just can't get out of we put one on and he calms right down. He doesn't know who the Wiggles are, or Teletubbies, or Elmo, he is perfectly happy with the images and music on BE.

We have not tried any of the toys, but that banana sounds interesting. ;)


I'm due with my first in about 10 days but I wanted to check out the Baby Einstein stuff in advance. I borrowed one of the DVDs and realized immediately that things have changed since I babysat my nieces and nephew back in the 1980s.

Two of my dogs paid no attention but one was absolutely mesmerized, watching the whole thing and falling asleep right at the end. Looks like we know which dog will end up being the baby's best friend.


Son was not a fan of Baby Einstein... and I found it totally BORING...I only let him watch w/me or hubby watching with him, so it has to be entertaining for all. He really liked JayJay early on (I found it barely tolerable), then moved onto Sesame Street and BobTheBuilder and Dora and Blue.


My daughter LOVED Baby Einstein as an infant. It was a great baby-sitter when I was getting ready for work in the morning and it helped me when I was in rush to get dinner ready. I'm not a big fan of plopping the kiddos in front of the TV, but sometimes you just gotta get stuff done.


Thank GOODNESS there is somebody else out there who is skeptical of the whole Baby Einstien thing. I've been a voice in the wilderness for too long! I see posts by parents of two month old babies saying how much their babies enjoy watching BE and I just find that ... sad. A two month old baby plopped in front of the tv. The excuses I always hear is, "Well, I have to get a shower/fix dinner/surf the Internet and this is the only way to keep the baby quiet." Puhleeze. There are so many ways to keep a baby entertained, especially at such a young age. At a year or more, then yes, maybe watching BE videos/dvds is fine but I am absolulely against doing it before a year and preferably 2 years.

Some parents say, "My kid gets bored hanging out with me during the day and these videos keep him happy/occupied." My question to them is, "Is your child watching videos because they have a short attention span? Or do they have a short attention span because you let them watch videos from when they were babies?" The other thing I see parents write about the effect BE has on their kids/babies is "My child is just mesmerized watching it! :)" OMG, I find that extremely frightening. Anything that "mesmerizes" a little kid is supremely creepy in my book.

Poppa Large

Just to make this clear - I think we all use "devices" of some sort to keep our little ones occupied from time to time: swings, pacifiers, our in-laws, etc.

I don't have a problem with thinking of the BE line as a stop-gap measure if I need to keep L occupied while I do something else - so long as it doesn't BECOME A CRUTCH.

My point, however, was to ask whether or not anyone actually thinks this is making their babies smarter. After all, the whole BE line tries to sell itself on intellectually stimulating children through geometric shapes, colors and music. That's the ideal. The reality is that the few times i've seen the BE line in action, it's as a glorified, multimedia babysitter...and I'm cool with that so long as people aren't trying to convince me that it's anything more than that.

And if they are saying that it's more than that - how do you know? I'm not asking the latter skeptically, but rather, curiously.


BE is not going to make your kids smarter. But that doesn't mean it's evil. And it also doesn't mean you have use it as a babysitter (but you know what? 30 minutes of babysitting is NOT A BAD THING). Anyway, when we used it, my daughter would sit in my lap and we'd watch it together. We'd talk about what was happening in the video, she'd clap and sing along with the songs, etc. It can be very interactive if you want it to be.


I posted elsewhere on this site about our use of Baby Einstein DVDs as an integral part of our daily routine. I don't think there is a magic potion, toy, DVD, song, book or anything else that solves all problems for all families and all kids. However, BE DVDs work for us. Whether Liberty is going to be smarter because she watched the DVDs, well, I don't know that I would go that far. But, by watching and interacting with the images and sound we have added literally hundreds of words to her vocabulary (don't know how the word "Manatee" is going to come in handy in the future...but is sure is cool that she can identify a Manatee from a whale from a dolphin from a shark.)

We also like the DVDs because they don't use a lot of MTV style quick cuts. They will take a long time with each object or scene. The books we've read say that the quick cut editing is not good for youngins (or anyone for that matter). Of course, that's the books we've read. Who knows what is really true...

I guess most of all we like that fact that she enjoys them. In fact, we enjoy them as a family. It is daily routine for all three of us. I'm sure that as we continue to evolve as a family our routines will change, but, we have definately introduced the idea of daily, family interaction. I think there is value there, whether it is watching BE, reading books, walking in nature, whatever.

Have we "dumped" Lib in front of Baby Einstein for reasons other than her edification? Yup. We've even used BE as a distraction for Lib while we spend some "intimate alone time" with each other. As new parents with no family nearby, you take what you can get, right?

Works for me...:-)


Amen, Jim! Our second daughter is Liberty also and just today Baby Mozart gave me a good half hour to visit with my sister whom I hadn't seen in a year. I have to wonder about the parents who can't tolerate the slow pace and classical music--maybe they're the ones with ADD ;)

Montreal 2600 Voyeur

eh.. interesting ))

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I love Baby Einstein videos.


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