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January 07, 2005


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Since when is MacKenzie a boy's name? The first MacKenzie I ever heard of was MacKenzie Phillips, who is definitely a girl. Personally, I chose the "very feminine name with gender neutral nickname" route. :-)


My daughter has a boy's name too, spelled a bit differently then the traditional way...but there remains a possibility that she'll get assigned to boy's PE some day. We gave it to her not because we hoped for a boy, we already had one of those. And best of all, it suits her. We use her initials as a nickname which is also boy sounding (Rej or Rejjie) and that fits too.


You wouldn't want to share her name would ya? My kids have very common names..what can I say, I'm not very creative. How about Bradlina...that's hard, I can't think of any others.


How about Jimberly, Biffany, Dangela or Bophia? I'm working on figuring out your daughter's name. I think it's Liam Kim. Just found your site through the BOB awards. Been enjoying it.


Butchina, Rockyzanne, Boomerina, Juniorette, Appollieu, Condaleza...

BTW, I'm....

~ Shamelessly whoring ~

I'm soliciting everyone's ideas on GREAT seduction music and Ashley Simpleton did not make my list...

"I don't practice what I preach because I'm not the kind of person I'm preaching to." - J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, Church of the SubGenius

The Zero Boss

I actually think NYC is a single genetic organism. The abundance of girl babies is an obvious attempt by this organism to breed a replacement for Lea Salonga.


My building must be an outlier, since five kids have been conceived in it over the past five years, and they are all boys. Apparently, 100-year-old plumbing affects the water in some way that stimulates Y-sperm.


I went to see a lawyer yesterday and HER name was Kevyn! That did shock me I must say...I thought shed said Kerrin on the phone but no..shes Kevyn!


You realize, of course, that I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out what your daughter's name is. Old-English-type male name you don't hear much anymore that also sounds like a Korean surname. If this was a cartoon, now is the point at which you could steal all my candy while the hamster is running on the wheel in my brain.


in the czech republic in november 1986, the number of boy babies dropped drastically (by about 500 less than the average). this was nine months after chernobyl. since most miscarriages turn out to have been boys, it's believed that the average number of boy and girl babies would have been expected, and that the mothers who were carrying boys miscarried.

so, you know. it COULD actually be the water.

and about the names, i think it was lorrie moore who wrote that boy names tend to mean things like "brave" and "trustyworthy" and girl names tend to mean "wee small thing of the forest" so if you want a name that goes with what you expect of the child, you're almost limited to (traditionally) boy names.


I am in suspense! What's peanut's name?!

(hey--i voted for ya!)


Man, where are you in NYC. In Brooklyn we are all having boys

Gavin Ramejkis

Do you people live in trailer parks?

MacKenzie is of gaelic decent meaning son of the leader eg Mac (son of) Kenzie.

Think you need to widen you're gene pool and become more versed.

paul ramejkis

what relation are you to me? i am matties brother is andrew your dad.ihave granddaughtercalled mckenzie and one called taylor so both got surnames for first name.21 10 05

paul ramejkis


paul ramejkis


paul ramejkis

new person on the block

paul ramejkis

new kid on the block

Hannah Ramejkis

Oi Paul . Liar !
your kids are called Kerry and Lisa !!
han x

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