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January 09, 2005


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Umm..next 18 years...lotsa Jack Daniels. ;)


I hear ya, Metrodad! My husband and I were at each other's throats during the first few months after our son's birth. I was going through some post-partum depression and he was handling virtually all the household and baby chores. It was not the joyous time that I thought it would be. I could have sworn that we were going to get divorced. But like you said, things got better once we turned the corner on 3 months. And now, our relationship is stronger than ever. So I guess your advice to newborn couples is right. I wish someone had told me too!


Congrats on making the three month mark. I did it as a single parent and it was tough but I got thru it. As for the next 18 I guess I will continue reading your site because I don't drink but I am truly considering it.


:::swigs martini, grinds out cigarette with spike heel::: Welcome to the roller coaster, Newbie. You're on a downward swoop right now but there's another mountain to climb just waiting around the corner, just you wait!

Actually, what you'll find is that surviving things like those first few months becomes a new kind of glue that holds you together. Kind of like the bond that disaster survivors feel, you know?

I just gave my blog a new tagline: Babies are like the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.


our daughter is 16 weeks and we still have those moments. Now if you can just call my husband and tell him to calm the *#!@ down.
But like you said, it does get better.
One thing - you spelled glamorous incorrectly, but it's okay. You just had a baby!
That is the excuse I've been using these days for just about everything. It's great.

L.A. Daddy

Right on, Man! Missus and I hit a rough patch in our marriage also when our daughter was first born. Wish someone had told me how rough it was going to be. I'll say that it definitely took US by surprise. Be interesting to hear from some other parents with older kids what additional rough patches we're likely to hit. But yeah, I'll agree with you. Life after that third month sure did get better!


As the father of two boys (ages six and three, thank you very much), I just have to say that once you get past the first three months it's all clear sailing, it's nothing but 'Why yes loving parent, now that I am sufficiently mature I would love to begin using the toilet.' 'You say I have watched enough TV for today, well then I believe I shall colour in my Power Rangers colouring book until dinner time.' The strange thing is that I didn't expect the boys to speak with English rather than American spelling.

But seriously, the part that gets really hard is that at some point your beautiful baby decides that he has a mind of his own the only way to get your point across (eg, No you can't dash across the grocery store parking lot) is to yell at him.


The most important thing you can do is keep a structured schedule, especially when she's a toddler. It will be boring and you will wonder what happened to your life, but it will be worth it when school starts. There will be less temper tantrums because she doesn't want to go to school/do her homework/go to bed on time. It also helps the day go smoother. If she knows what to expect then she will be content.

Unless a structured part of her day is cleaning her room. I never did get that one to stick. :0)


I remember right after my second son was born (my first was 19 months old), my sister in law told me, "three months. Once you get to three months, you're golden." Then I remember shuffling to the calendar, counting out the weeks to the three month mark, and crying because it seemed like three years! But, by the time the three month mark did come, we ... well we had a few good days then we got into a car accident. LOL. We all survived relatively unhurt, so our three months of hell ended with a little perspective thrown in on top. We really did have a great time after that, though. ;)

Great post!


Gee, I feel kinda spoiled now.

Apart from the lack of nookie and sleep deprivation things have been pretty easy for us. My wife's body is snapping back into it's prepregnancy form at an amazing pace, and she's been back at work a while now.

All this and we have twins.

Thanks for making me appreciate what I have. I was getting pretty upset about the year or so of no tender lovin due to the high risk pregnancy and extra work that two babies inflicts on a person.

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