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January 11, 2005


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Heh...There are things I think will never happen again..but I can't post them here! ;)
I don't feel the need to party with the girls like I used to, I would rather be home watching movies with the kids. :)

L.A. Daddy

2 words...surfing naked.

Dads don't do that.


Oh my, so many things I can no longer do....but mostly, I now ask myself the following questions before I do anything: "Could I get arrested for this?" and most importantly, "How badly well this screw up my kid?"

I know that spur of the moment road trips seem like an impossibility right now, but as long as you stick to just one kid (I can't imagine traveling with 2-4 kids), and you wait about 6-8 more months, road trips can occur again. You just got to wait until the every 2 hr feeding and crapping cycle slows down to about once every 4-5 hours. We took our 2 yr old on a road trip half-way across the country this summer, and we had a blast. We just occasionally stopped at a park or a children's museum and let her run around and burn off all the energy she stored up from the car ride.


Personally, I wonder whether I'll ever sleep until noon again. With 4 kids and another on the way, our house is like a travelling circus. No rest for the weary! Gosh, I sure could use a long nap!


Now that I have a daughter, I will never look at myself the same again. Evey action I take and every thought I have effect her, if not now then in the future. Everything is now a life altering decision, it seems.


I had my first kid just before I turned 21 so I never got to do much of anything in the first place.


I am not sure there are rules to marriage like driving---keep to the right, signal turns, etc. I think marriage begins as a child and what your parents taught you. That is first and formost.
1. Did they beleive in marriage and did they tell you that marriage is for life.
2. Did they demonstrate that marriage is hard work not a walk in the park. Never hang wall paper as a married couple. (Thats a rule)
3. Did they teach you to be independent and do your own washing, cooking, cleaning and earning a living so you married for love not for a cleaning service or a credit card and the ability to walk down the street with a newborn in a $750 stroller looking oh so chic.
4. Did they teach you character, brains, good heart are of greater value then a rack or income? (Racks sag over time sans silcon and incomes go up and down)
5. Did they indulge you as a child as we see today. Entitled children running ruin over the landscape not knowning what no is or what putting off pleasure is. Immediate gratifaction seems to be the rage of todays children. Boy that makes it easy to negotiate the reality of marriage being and entitled child.

I guess those are rules of some sort I'm sure more will come later. For now I think a good marriage begins with a child. What do you teach her and what does that teaching her teach you. Will you and your wife make a difference to her and will her being in your life make a difference to you? Do you have the fundmentals or do you have to learn them?

Anyway the vapid musings of an old childless man married for a long time.


It's funny you should ask that question today of all days. In high school, I was "on the verge" of being a professional musician, but in my twenties stopped being serious and played just for fun.
While living next to Yellowstone I saw an auditon form and began playing in a symphony again- a three hour round trip just for rehersal. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and played until the second baby was due. Shortly thereafter our lives changed drastically which included moving to Utah. Excited I thought, " now I can take lessons again and becom a great musician!" Just the other day at my lesson, I bombed it big time and came to the realization that I don't have the time nor the same drive I used to have, now my passions are my two boys and hubby. Things change as a "self-realized adult."
Sorry- I tend to ramble=-)


1. Spontaneous road trips especially to friends without kids.
2. Walk around the house naked..daughter is very curious about nipples and exactly how they stay on
3. No more late night/early morning club hopping
4. Don't date that much don't want to expose her to too many different guys
5. Really can't drive like I use to especially with her in the car.


Won't be bunjie jumping...or sky diving! Ok...I really didn't do that before my son either, but now I have a legitimate excuse other than i'm just a chicken shit.


Not to rain on the parade too much, but I'm excited about the converse of your question. There are lots of things I used to do that dropped by the wayside. Now that the boys are getting close to old enough to go have adventures I'm getting excited about doing fun things with them that I haven't made the time to do for some time. At the top of that list is going whitewater rafting with them (I used to be a guide and taking my kids out into the wilderness for big fun is something I'm really looking forward to).


I realize that you're already married...but will you marry me? My husband wont mind if your wife doesn't. KIDDING!!! The mere thought that having responsibilities keeps you in check is more than enough to start me swooning.

OK, I'm only a little psychotic. Do not fear. Just show your wife this post if she ever questions how good she has it.

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