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December 08, 2004


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Yep, the "what if" game! We do that too. The worst ones, though, are the 3 am "what ifs" that for some sick and dark reason I torture myself with (you know, the really, really bad ones.) The thing is, as long as the 3 am "what ifs" never come true, then being hairy and married to Mary Cheney ain't so bad.

L.A. Daddy

Me and the Missus play this game too! I think it's natural for parents to wonder how their children will turn out in the future. And though it's great to think about the destination, I think it's safe to say that we're all pretty busy with the journey.

Your site is becoming my favorite parenting blog! Keep it up!


Just wait till you get the phone call from that 20-something, caring, well-groomed young lady that starts with "Are you sitting down?" Thankfully ours only ended with "I was in a car wreck but I'm fine." Talk about ALL the what if's go through your head in 3 seconds flat!


Yes...we all do it. My son is 10 now, and I wonder what he will look like when he needs a shave, or what his voice will sound like when it changes. I just wish they could stay little forever...it goes so fast!


Welcome to the insanity that is parenthood.

Ann D

What a great post. Now that three of my four kids are teenagers, I'm desperately curious about what life will be like after they get through the teen years....


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