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November 22, 2004


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Too cool, too cool. I know I'll never get the chance to raise my daughter in NYC, but I plan on pushing her to visit, stay and live at some point in her life. You're right, there is NOTHING like NYC.


I will be the first to admit I'm not a big fan of NYC. I did go to school there. And one afternoon when I got sick of classes and studying I took a walk downtown and right into an Alice Cooper concert. They just set up. Played a set and left. It was kind of surreal, but pretty cool all things considered. Not that I was ever an Alice Cooper fan and it was a bit past his heyday (early 90s). But...that's NYC for you.


Ah, the NY envy is killing me! Bono is the freaking Pope of rock-n-roll, and he's utterly in love with New York City!

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