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November 01, 2004


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The Peanut is sleeping 10 hours a night at 3 weeks old?! That's gotta be some kind of record! Congrats to you guys!

Of course no daytime naps sucks. But, I'd much rather be awake during the day than at night.


Seems like I'm the only one you're not complaining about today. Is it because you know I read your blog and you fear my fury!? Or is it because I'm just the goddamn best wife and and mother to your child?

Thanks for putting up with so much last week (e.g. my relationship with my mother, the flu, and walking the dog).

You're dee best. You stud.


By the way, you should put a footnote on your posts advising your readers that you like to take literary license and embellish.

For the record, the Peanut DID NOT sleep 10 hours straight through the night. YOU DID. Her longest stretch was 4.5 hours. But how would you know that when you're sleeping? hahaha! Man, you kill me....



Hahaha, BossLady. I remember my husband making the same references. I had to remind him quite often that the monster wasn't sleeping, HE WAS. Amazing how men leave out that little detail!


Ah BossyLady, the truth comes out. It is always that way with men. I hear it over and over. They sleep through the night so the kids must be too.

As for looking forward to Mondays... My favorite day of the week! (since the kids started school)

Purtu Porti

Good job, thanks

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