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November 03, 2004


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Haaahahahahaha! You crack me up!!! The Peanut is lucky to have you for a daddy.


Okay, since you've got the baby's lingo down, maybe you can help me with Elmo? I can't understand a damn thing he says. And, he scares the crap out of my daughter (pardon the pun).


Just wait. Your daughter is internalizing each tidbit of information you impart; one day, she will use it all against you in some Major Act or Acts of Rebellion.

(Poor Bert! If you had to live with someone as flamboyantly inconsiderate as Ernie, you'd be a wee bit tightly strung too.)


Awwww, stop picking on Bert. I like him BECAUSE he's a curmugeon. Ernie's a little too happy go lucky.

But yes, Elmo (and Grover) rule.

Big Mark

Good work

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