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October 13, 2004


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Does BossLady not like pink either? I personally can't stand pink and when people asked me what colors I wanted for my girls I told them mint green. Of course you know the grandmas went on a pink frenzy so we still wound up with lots of pink clothes...but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as it could have been!


Wow. I nearly choked on my Diet Coke reading the Amish line. I love your blog and I totally agree with you about the gender stereotyping. When I found out I was having a boy I almost didn't tell anyone because I was afraid of getting only blue things with trucks on them. Many of my friends went out of their way to make sure we had some normal clothing, but family came through with all the blue trucks they could find. Sigh.

Kim Voynar

Heh. Actually years ago, pink was the "boy" color because it was believed to have powers to protect male babies from harm. Girl babies had no special color, because no one cared if they died. So think of pink as your daughter usurping power from the boys, it makes it more tolerable.

I'm not a hugely big pink fan myself, never dressed my girls overly in it. My 3YOs favorite color is blue - but her fave color to wear, inexplicably, is pink.

Oh, well. Better than dressing them all "gender neutral", I guess. That shit always reminds me of that Star Trek: TNG episode about the gender neutral planet where they sent the chick to "reconditioning" for having the hots for Riker. Moderation, baby, moderation.


I have always hated pink. Now? Now I prey on unsuspecting parents of girls and buy pink, pink, pink. (I have 4 boys) Actually, truth be told, I go out to buy pink and end up with cute little denim with embroidered flowers, tie-dyed dresses, and boy colored girl clothes. hmmm... guess you're safe from me after all.


Just reread that, not sure what "boy colored" is. I should have said blue. Just one of those stereotypes rearing its ugly head. (and my 6 year old just announced his new favorite color is pink.)


The combination of pink and black is very cool, if you're into that Elvis/Rockabilly thing.

But after having a boy, dressing Boo Girl in pink was wonderful. Boy clothes are so damn boring, especially all those stripes, dinosaur, fire truck and sports graphics.

I also like leopard and zebra prints for girls - very punk rock.


Yeah, I blogged about this too. I personally don't mind pink so much, but it is oppressive after a while. The best thing about putting your daughter in pink is that she is instantly recognized as a girl and you don't have to explain to strangers that actually, no, it's "she" not "he." Apparently pink is for girls and every other color is for boys.


My girls sleep in a BLUE room and wear BLUE! Apparently, they are growing penises as I type this. Wait until they grow into the 9 month onesies with trucks on them. I can just hear the grandmas now. . .

Big Mark

Good job, thanks


UGH! I fucking loathe pink myself. Hot hip-hop artist, shitty color!

Both of my daughters got pink ass, cutesy, nastily offensive outfits. I hate pink, I won't make either daughter wear it, but my oldest loves pink now at age 5.

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