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October 14, 2004


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Awwww. Ha! It's good that you don't mind the poop because the alternative is no poop and that's way worse! At least you know you have a very regular Peanut.


Congratulations. You've been annointed. Now you're a *real* parent! ;) (Oh, and Kudos to you for giving your lovely little Peanut "the good stuff"! Expressed or on tap, there's nothing better!)

Kim Voynar

Heh. Welcome to the world of parenthood, my friend. Congratualtions, you're officially a daddy now.

If only J. and I had a dollar for everytime one of us has had some type of bodily excrement on us, we could buy that horse farm I want now.


Today I got the leaky diaper. Peanut took a whiz while I was holding her and basically baptized my "transition" pants. Glad it wasn't the mustard custard!


Luckily I can say I never got pooped on but I remember with our first the wife and I were arguing about the right way to change the diaper and of course left the penis exposed and the next thing I knew he was peeing all over me. From that day on, however I did the diaper was OK as long as the stuff stayed inside.

House Husband

Yes I have definatley found that I am A LOT less fussy now that I have put two boys through nappies.

It used to be that a dropped fork on the floor would see me running to the cutlery draw but now it's a different story.

I believe having another human's crap and urine on your hands and sometimes clothes on a daily basis, makes you a lot more tolertant to the other grubby things you have to deal with in life.

Purtu Porti

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