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October 17, 2004


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Busy Mom

Hang in there, it gets better!


Her sleep patterns will flip around to normal one day. One thing that I learned early on was to wake the babies up during the middle of the day so they'd be tired at night. I know, no one wants to wake a peacefully sleeping baby, but I did it. And when my daughters were six weeks old and were sleeping throught the night I was glad I did it.

Good luck to you!


Go immediately to your local bookstore and get "The Happiest Baby on the Block." Even if you don't think Peanut has colic, it gives great tips for soothing babies like swaddling and using swings. It helped so much with Boo Girl.

There's even a DVD of the book if you feel too sleep deprived to read.


You're losing your edge. You promised no Iron John bullshit. You hear me? Or are you off somewhere hugging a god damn tree or something? I think you need to snort some more powder formula to bring back that acerbic tone I know and love so well.

Love you so much, Chief!


I still get dirty looks when I tell people that I used to strap the monster in her carseat and park her on the balcony. The breeze quieted her down long enough so I could get a little cat nap. Good luck over the next couple of weeks - it does get better!

House Husband

I have a policy regarding the raising of children that says the Parent's sanity comes above all else except where the child's saftey is at risk.

If the Parent is too stressed or tired or both as is often the case, the child's saftey will be at risk any way.

This policy is especially usefull when deciding wether to use a dummy or not.
If a dummy means you can sleep better, then everyone is better of no matter what anyone else says.


Foucault's Pendulum? Best. Conspiracy. Theory. Book. Ever. I think I stayed up three days reading it in college too. For some reason I felt let down.

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