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September 24, 2004


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boo boo

well then, that last sentence about the two sperms explains why it took so long.

i'll escort myself out now...

L.A. Daddy

friend of mine in nyc sent me your site. i love it. keep up the great work. and good luck to you and bosslady with your childs birth. i'm sure you'll both be great parents.


Hold on... Tara Reid's tits are fake?

Calvin Broadus

In your first post you asked whether the world needed another blog: well apparently it does. You serve as a warning to all those wannabe liberal pansies out there. A lifetime of reefer smoking and pandering to your feminine side will render you less than a man. What's that you say? You got the job done? It took you seven months, buddy. When me and Er decided it was time for some Juniors she was knocked up inside of 2 weeks. Seven months? That's what you get for drinking scotch and not Jack. Hippy.

frankie shields

o! baloooooo this is good

Wanker mc wolderr

Heloooooo balooooo put put ding ding everybody sing sing..this sis good balooooo bye bye



I was bored at work and started reading some old entries that I'd never read before. Hillarious! Can see it as a sitcom.


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